My Mission

Free Educational Resources

Teaching and coaching others is what I wake up for each morning (apart from my family, which is always first). Selling books is secondary.

I take learnings from every journal I create and share them with you and this amazing community on my blog. That way, when the handmade books finally update in the shop for sale, they've already given back.

Sustainability & Supporting Fellow Artisans

All of my journals are handmade using 100% recycled papers. The fabric covers are 100% cotton and/or made from up-cycled materials and I'm slowly incorporating natural alternatives like bamboo, banana and teak leaf papers.

Embellishments, ribbons and other fine decorations are purchased from fellow artisans and makers. While some items are brand new, I work hard to use up everything I have on hand. Nothing in my bindery goes to waste. 

Imbued with Love, Balance & Harmony

It might be a little "woo-woo," but I believe in balance, harmony and positive energy. Every step of my crafting process is imbued with warmth, love and appreciation for the person who will own the book some day.

If you're wondering where pandas fit into the picture, I explain their inspiration here. 🐼 

If you're curious and have time, you can learn more about me here.

Take care of yourself & be well!

All my best,

Creator, papercraftpanda